Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicken Baby!!

You might consider heading over to Fresh Market to pick up some chicken!

They have #10 boxes of chicken breasts for $1.48 per pound (so $14.something a box!)

I saw it lower for $1.38 a pound at BuyLow in Provo. Last year.  And I paid the extra 10 cents in gas going to get it!  Ha!
If you want to know what to do with so much chicken or how to prepare it to freeze...check THIS out. 
(Scroll to the bottom half of the post!)


  1. Hey Kristen, you really turned me onto cooking the chicken and dicing or shredding it before freezing. Love that! Next time I'm going to do the broth, just need ice cube trays!
    The last time I bought 40lbs of chicken at $1.40 per pound from Reams, I was disappointed with how much fat and (ew) even some feathers were still attached to the breasts. Was the quality of the Fresh Market or BuyLow chicken good? I do need to stock up again.

  2. I bought two boxes today and the quality was really great - a LOT better than the batch I picked up at Buy Low last fall. I've been cooking it in the crockpot today, but going back tomorrow to pick up another box or two. This small thing I do makes a world of difference in my cooking time on busy nights!!