Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beer Rebates

I added another $5 today to our vacation fund.  This was from a check I received in the mail from turning in a Beer Rebate.
 Beer Rebates look like the picture above.  You can find them usually in most grocery stores - I've had the best luck finding them on tear pads at Smith's/Kroger stores. 

So the deal on this was you had to buy pizza from the deli or frozen pizza.  California Pizza Kitchen had theirs on rollback at Wal-Mart for $4.98.  I had $1.00 off coupon and I bought three - since I wanted my total to be over $10 like the rebate requested.

So I paid $12.39 for the three pizzas, or $4.13 each.
 I am mailing in the form (that takes 30 seconds to fill out) today and I will get a check from Bud Light for $6.00 back in the mail.  

Making the pizzas cost $6.39 or $2.13 each!  I take that check and put it straight into the vacation fund since it has already left my grocery budget.  

You have to keep your eyes open for the rebate slips but they are mostly for things I already buy, fish, ground beef, chicken, etc.