Sunday, October 12, 2014

Counting (spending) Chickens...

Before they hatch!
Guilty...and now I am stressing about money.  Gah.

I just booked our family trip to Disneyland in December! 
 I always use Get Away Today - they are simply hands down the easiest company to work with when booking a trip to Disneyland.  (And no, they don't pay me a dime to say that, but they should, I tell everyone I know!) 

I have always paid for our Disney trips in cash from my ebay store earnings.  It's a great feeling knowing that the trip is paid for before you go, down to the spending money, etc.  

So I need some money for that.  Just a little.  ;)

And I bought this on Friday:
Two dressers, a mirror and two nightstands.  We've been using cardboard boxes around here since our remodel and I'm ready for furniture!  We have been married 13 years and have never bought a bedroom set - before we used my set from Ethan Allen that I got when I was 12.  TWELVE.
It's in my daughter's room now.  

I got a great deal on the set at 45% off 
(otherwise it would have never had been in my price range
and paid for half of it in cash upfront.  Which means I need the other half of that money in four to six weeks.  


I currently have 503 items listed and not a lot of money to buy inventory.  So I am going through a lot of stuff lying around the house and trying to list those things first.  I'm also listing a lot of things on local yard sale sites on Facebook.  We have some pretty good ones here - I made $40 yesterday just selling some soccer cleats and a fish tank.  Small change sounds like just that until it starts adding up!

I have a few high priced items in my store right now - it would be REALLY great if some of those would sell and quick!  

I did get my check from the JBF sale - I made $664.00 this time!  LOVE that sale!


  1. We've been talking about a trip to Disneyland, so I am going to check out that company - thanks for the tip!

    Lovely bedroom furniture! My husband and I bought a nice set when we bought our first house . . . back in the days when we still used credit cards. I think it was 0% financing for 3 years (or something like that), and we used every last month to get it paid off. Your way is much better! Wishing some big sales your way to pay off part 2.

  2. PS - that's an awesome JBF check! I've never come anywhere near that. I drop off for a (non-JBF) sale tomorrow. I'm hoping for a couple hundred - enough to pay for my oldest's birthday party that I just booked for next month.

  3. Great job on your consignment sale! I do a local one, too, and love it. oh, I would loooooove a new bedroom set. Yours is beautiful!

  4. Hello -- new reader here! I love that you pay for your Disney trips with eBay money! I actually just went to Disney World for the first time last summer, thanks to the generosity of my husband's grandmother. We were there for a week and had a total blast, but I could *not* believe how pricey it was--like over $12K. Shoot! Now I know why my parents never took me. :) Right now, my eBay earnings are being used to pay off our student loans (almost there!). After that, we'll be saving for a down payment on a house, but after *that* they'll be going towards Disney vacations. I'm dying to go back--haha! :)