Monday, March 16, 2015

Taxes - No Bueno

Have you done your business taxes yet?
I always put it off until March, too much going on in February around our house. 
It's never as bad as I make it out to be in my mind but STILL...this year the results made me MAD.
 Extra cash flow?  Yes. 
Do I love doing it?  Mostly.
Do I think I am decent at it? Yes. 
Does it enable me to stay at home? Yes.
Do I HATE the inventory in my basement?  YES!

I've read that for a small business it's a good goal to have your profit be at least 20-25% of your totals.  
Mine is at 34%, so I guess I'm not failing completely.  

Have you done your taxes?  How are you faring with your totals?  Does it make you want to work harder or just give up?

I just gave up for 24 hours. 
Now I am back at it.
Ebay, I just can't quit you.


  1. I got mine done a few weeks ago..I've been putting if off since January. I'm glad I finally got it done. I love Ebaying. I just need to get my basement and inventory organized. That's what give me the biggest headache. But I love everything else. Love the shopping and listing and selling and shipping. Just wish I were more organized. LOL

    1. I agree! The inventory everywhere is enough to drive a person crazy!