Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coupon Fraud

I went into a local store this morning to use an ad coupon for some cereal.  I was able to pick up 5 boxes of Quaker Life Cereal for $1.00 each.  A little higher than what I have been buying cereal at -  but still not a bad deal and the boys love it. 

The cashier had mentioned that customers were coming in and grabbing stacks of the ads to collect the coupons!  Last time they had run this ad campaign, the company accused the store of fraud...saying there was NO way that many coupons had been used.

They obviously had never seen how many children there are in Utah or heard of food storage! 

Would you grab a stack of ads for the coupons like that?  
Or are you more of a "rules are rules"  sort of couponer?


  1. I'm a rules are rules girl! I'm too scared to try anything tricky! :)

    The most rebellious I got was taking ONE manufacturer's coupon off the drink cooler by the register for $1 off a 20 oz Coke and Reese's Cup and put it in my purse to use at Target later. I would have used it at the grocery store I was at but they didn't have Cherry Coke. Don't think I didn't feel like someone might come tackle me!! Haha.

  2. I took a stack from Dicks and a few from Fresh Market ... less than 10 ads total... If they are going to print a coupon in their ad that will be accepted by other stores since it says MANUFACTURER coupon on it... oh heck yea they better believe that their ads are going to walk away... to the store with the best deal of course!

    I bought oatmeal and life cereal at smiths when they were $5/5 - $3/5 made it 40cents a box AND wyb 10 you got a code for free movies...

    I took most the food to my family members but also had free oatmeal for my office for a week...

    It would be fraud if *I* copied the coupon, but when Associated Foods thinks that they can restrict WHERE I use coupons they're just being silly!