Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Garage Sale Season

 I am SO weirdly excited this time of year when Yard Sale Season begins!

I usually have a small budget (about $15-20) depending on the week and even though my boys like to come along...I really prefer going by myself or with a friend.  

Kids at garage sales = bringing home junk toys!  

If I do bring them, we have very simple rules at our house:
1. Do NOT ask mom loudly if you can have something. Mom does not want to have to explain what junk is in front of the "junks owner."
2. Do NOT beg, whine or cry if mom says no.
3. Treat it like a treasure hunt, we may find something, we may not, but we still have fun and get a doughnut afterward.

I only had time to stop by two sales on Saturday in between soccer games but what a disappointment!  One of the houses wanted crazy prices for toys - we are talking $15 for a Fisher Price plane and $5 each for the figures that went in it.  
I had to bite my tongue when she started explaining why they are worth so much - to HER.  Key phrase there friends.  
Your stuff is rarely worth that much to others!
I loved this video that won a contest over at Hip2Save.  Sandy J. really sums the whole "how to garage sale" thing. 

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  1. funny! other times I have found steals where people just want to get rid of the stuff! :)