Saturday, November 13, 2010

The "B" Word

Have you ever thought you were going along, doing really well with your money management and then you make the stupid smart move of looking things over a little more closely? 

Yeah, well, I did that yesterday.

My initial reaction was like getting on the scale after Thanksgiving weekend.

What the WHAT?

So I spent a few hours revising and revamping.

And then I spent a little time considering how I can make a little money to pay off my student loan. (yes, I still have one and yes, it's been awhile since I was in college paying OUT OF STATE tuition thankyouverymuch)

Things are going to get a little ugly around here financially while Dan and I work on better plan with more savings.  
Have you said the "b" word lately?  How is your financial health?


  1. Ummm, I hate the "B" word. Truth be told, TJ would love to talk about creating one, but I DREAD it! I keep saying I'm going to work on a "B", but have yet to do it. Maybe your posts on saving all this money will finally motivate me :)

  2. Maybe - you can say to TJ "The Olsen's have a budget!" and he will be thrilled!!!

    You just don't have to say it's the Olsen's with an E! :)

  3. Ha Ha, that's funny! I'd give it a try but then he'll be bugging me about why you have a budget and we don't :)

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