Monday, May 23, 2011

Smith's/Kroger Trip

Do you all get sick of my weirdo grocery store shopping trip pictures?
Ok,'s the one from today!
 Before sale and coupons - $303.46
 Yummy Sweet Baby Ray;s BBQ Sauce for $1.00 
I stocked up for some outdoor grilling this summer.
Why would I want to go back and pay $2.99 for this later?
Stock UP friends!
You don't have to be weird about it and buy the store out to get a little pantry of savings going!
Also, powered drink mixes were .99 cents - perfect for thirsty little ones at Bear Lake and Cub Scouts!
 Cheap mommy lunches because I don't like mac n cheese and hot dogs.
Enough soap for 140 loads of laundry - that should last about a month around here.  Seems like it anyhow!

I PAID - $157.03!!
 A savings of almost 50%.  Good, not great, but I'm happy with it!

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