Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #1

I'm going to start a little weekly series called Garage Sale Stories...because you know how much I love garage sales and I meet the weirdest people out doing it. (Not sure what that says about me?)  Hmmmm.

I love talking about the deals I get! 

I was exhausted Saturday morning and debated going at all (gasp!) when I realized that Dan would be at Scout Camp with Graham.  This meant I was heading out with both Greg and Lauren.  Greg is a yard sale ninja...he is quiet and quick then goes in for the kill.  Lauren yells at me across the lawns and driveways holding every piece of junk up asking me to buy it for her. 

We did okay - got the scouts off at 7:30 and we were on the road with our map.  Greg, once again, hit the JACKPOT!
 I didn't give him a dime.  He bought the Bionicles for $5.00, scored a tin full of 75 rare Pokemon for $1.00 (and they threw in the sticker books!) K'Nex Motercycle for $3.00 New in Box, a Lego puzzle for .25 cents, and night vision goggles that work awesome (we all tried them out in the basement last night) for .50 cents. 

 I did not fare as well since I was trying to keep LuLu away from everything.  I did manage to find her a pair of jeans, three dresses (2 are Gap so great for resale) and a TCP raincoat for $1.00 each.
 Another pair of jeans, Gymboree sweater, and Gap khaki skirt. $1.00 each
The clothes were marked $2-3 each - but the husband of the husband/wife team got left outside with the baby while she went in to take a phone call.  You could tell he was irritated and so I made my move.  Cash in hand, offer ready. 
Worked like a charm!
I did score a J.Crew pullover jacket and this HRC Los Angeles jacket for $1.00 each that I will list on ebay.   We didn't even make it until 9 a.m. when LuLu was crying/begging to go home.  

So it's still fun to take the kids now and then, I especially love that Greg is really learning that not everything needs to be brand new and full price!

Did you find any great deals this weekend?

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  1. Love seeing your finds! Especially that navy blue dress! So Sally Draper. Loving your blog!