Sunday, July 17, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #2

Hard to believe a week has flown by!  
We've been finishing up this round of swim lessons and I've had a sick little boy.  I got off to a late start on Saturday and managed to find some great things for Lauren.

There was a huge community sale in the parking lot of a local grocery store.  Some booths were great and their items were priced really well.  Some thought they were actual retail shops and were looking for full price on their items.  I've never understood how people can ask $5-10 for a shirt that they are selling in their front yard? 

The green dress was the most expensive at $4 but I got all the rest at $2 each.  They are all in like new condition and LuLu LOVES her dresses so I was pleased about that.  I've washed them and put them into a bin downstairs so they are ready to go for next summer!

 I paid .50 cents and $1.00 for these items.  Just cute little t-shirts and play clothes.  The little pink corduroy jacket looks adorable on her so we'll keep that out for preschool this fall.
 Doc Martens in like new condition - $2.00!  I'll sell these on ebay.
Same with these Dansko shoes I picked up for .50 cents.  

I actually got to go by myself this week!  What a treat!   When I do that I try not to be gone too long so Dan isn't grumpy trying to get things done with the kids.  I really wasn't in a super shopping mood anyhow so I only hit 10-15 sales and I was done.  But I think I did pretty well for my time out!

Did you find anything fun this week?

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