Monday, January 23, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

This has NOT been my week! Sales have been okay but honestly, I think I got a bit sloppy and had to make a return that was TOTALLY my fault.  Now I am on pins and needles waiting for the world's ugliest shoes to arrive in California.  When they should have been there Friday since I mailed them Priority.
 And who is the rock star seller who was too busy getting her 3 year old to stop climbing on the card display at the post office and declined tracking?  OH  Crap.  Total rookie mistake and *I* am NOT a rookie!  
Lets a  cross a few fingers and pray that they arrive to this woman tomorrow.  
Did I mention I am the first ebay purchase for her ever?  
I did manage to find a few goodies this week.  I went shopping Saturday and dove into the world of selling Pyrex!  I'm hoping to get those listed this week.

                   Clothing wise - this is what I picked up!
                 RWP Wilton Armetale "Loaf of Bread" plate

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