Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

Hi everyone!  I found out some fun news, my little blog here was made part of an amazing list over at Women's Money Week!  I was really surprised and honored to be included with all those other hard working ladies! 

If you want to check out a really great list of other women who are doing their best to make some extra cash and save money, it's all right here for you.  And don't get mad at me if you spend some extra time this week blog surfing, there are some fun new reads for me over there as well!  

I don't know what is going on but my sales have been a roller coaster this week.  I went three, THREE days without a single sale.  The crickets were chirping and I start seeing my bins of inventory as garbage instead of cash!  
Then BAM!  
All of the sudden, things went crazy on Friday and I did over $300 in 24 hours!  So strange! 
I sold these for my dad - he bought them and realized after opening them up they were the wrong ones.  2 were completely brand new still but he couldn't find the receipt.  I sold the set for $100 with free shipping (you know I added signature confirmation on these so some guy couldn't say they never arrived!) I was happy to recoup that money for him!

I must be in the mood for spring, I could not take my eyes away from all the fun colors when shopping this week!
 Old Navy Coral Capri Pants Size 12
 Whoo hooo!  I always do a little dance when I find Brooks Brothers anything - easy sell for high money!
These being pink, new without tags - even better!
 More pink, yes please!  J. Crew capri pants with martini glasses on them!  Eeek! 
I'm hoping some preppy girl in Boston will buy these. 
 New with tags Coldwater Creek blouse - I love this!
 J. Crew linen and silk dress, like new.
And this one I picked up on a whim, not knowing anything about the brand Monsoon.  I tried to look it up online but my phone is being more and more slow these days so I gave up and just went with it.  It's a size 12 and I noticed a few minor flaws when I got home but I am hoping that it will still do well.   

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