Sunday, March 18, 2012

Little Bird Cottage

I guess I like to make things complicated for myself because I've gone ahead and opened up a 2nd Etsy store for fun little vintage goodies I come across when I am out and about.  

 I've named it Little Bird Cottage.  That was like my 8th name choice, it seems like everything is already taken on Etsy these days.  But I still love it.

So far, I only have a few items in there but I had my first sale today for one of the vintage sewing patterns I have listed.

 Isn't it sweet?  I seem to find these no matter where I go for very little money.  I sold this one today for $7.00.  Which is a decent price for me the seller for profit as well as a great deal for the buyer. 
 I think I had this outfit when I was three or four.  Seriously.  Those sleeves look super familiar.
 I LOVE this party dress.  Look at that darling full skirt!

 This pattern is from the 40's  - what a sweet little cap and jacket!  It almost enough to make me want to unpack the sewing machine Dan gave me for Christmas 2 years ago and start sewing again!

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  1. Those old patterns are so much fun! Good luck in your Etsy shop!

  2. Great patterns! I have a box full them that I need to sort through. That simplicity 2015 pattern really is adorable!