Friday, August 1, 2014

My Favorite Sound!


Nothing motivates me more to list than hearing that sound!  I was so happy to wake up to five sales and then have two more this morning.  

Still not super enthusiastic about doing the JBF consignment sale coming up - I don't know if I like having all this stuff  hanging around here all summer.  I hope it pays off when the sale comes and I can cash a nice sized check. Any sort of check? 

This is what I'm hoping will sell this weekend...
 J. Crew XXS shorts - ADORABLE!!
 I have over 20 watchers and yet these won't sell!  
Buy some cute shorts people!
 Quacker Factory Butterfly Shirt - Large.  I love this brand!  I always pick this up when I find it.
We have a family event to go to in the morning.  Not sure I'll be able to go to any sales.  Forcing me to finish for the sale and list some things I already have.  
Shopping is always the fun part, isn't it? 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hardly ever wake up to sales. Five would be amazing! I've stopped consigning at JBF, but do sell at another local sale. I can buy a lot there too, between the presale and 50% day. My goal is always to make more than I spend. :-) (Most of what I sell are my eBay rejects, so they generally aren't worth much.)

  2. The shorts are adorable, but they're from J.Crew Factory, not J.Crew. You can tell by the little diamonds on the tag. People are less willing to spend the big bucks on pieces from the factory store than from retail. Just something to keep in mind, if you weren't aware!

  3. You've got some great sales. I've noticed that most of them are clothes. You seem to find some really nice clothes for resale. I like that you make a nice profit and don't sell them cheap like some sellers. I love the full body manequin. I'd love to get one. Where'd you get yours? I only have the top half and front only. Love the way the full body one looks.