Friday, September 12, 2014

Who Knew!?

That consignment sales were so easy?  
(A lot of you knew that already I'm sure!)  
It was seeming like such a pain and I hated having the piles around here getting ready, but now that I have one under my belt, I'm hooked.

I took 203 items to my first Just Between Friends sale, sold a little more than half of what I brought, and made $502.00!!  

I did work one volunteer shift as well as I bartered by bringing some postcards around to a few local schools.  It went great and I was thrilled to get that check in the mail.
This was the first sale, about 75% set up, a lot of bigger items came in later.  Nothing like some of the other ones I've heard - they are huge.  

Ours is pretty small at this point.  I think our marketing here leaves a little to be desired, but maybe that is just my PR major coming out?

There is another sale coming up here shortly where I am taking my previous items as well as a lot more.  Kids clothes has been such a slow seller for me on eBay that I would rather these cute Gymbo clothes go somewhere else besides my storage room! 


  1. that's awesome!! I heard JBF is better than the sale I use because the prices are higher (for around 200 items sold I typically average 350 my cut) congrats! The piles stink but selling so much at once and the check is great (I got my check yesterday LOL)

  2. Our fall JBF sale was last weekend. I didn't consign, but I did stop in and shop a bit on the 50% off day and found a few things. The consignment sale I do sell at is coming up in about a month. I am already trying to mentally prepare myself for the piles and extra work. :-) That's a great check, especially for your first time. Congrats!