Friday, July 30, 2010

Kroger Shopping Trip

I wanted to post a picture from my Kroger/Smith's trip today!  They are doubling coupons up to a dollar for three days and I was thinking of skipping out at first.  
I realized I had a lot of the coupons for the P&G promo that were expiring and now would be a good time to stockpile on some things we use. 

Total after sale and coupons...$101. 67

For a savings of 62 percent!


  1. Did you notice that they also had beer rebate coupons (I am sure you know you don't have to actually buy beer to use them) for a $6 rebate if you buy $10 worth of beef. It is good for the month of August. :)

  2. I did!! I picked one up, I have 3 extra if anyone else would like one!