Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Smith's Trip

Smith's/Kroger has some great deals going on right now.  General Mills cereals are $6.00 off when you buy 4 boxes, making them $1.49 each.  I had 4 CTC coupons, one for $1.00 and three for 60 cents off...making my total for 4 boxes of cereal only $3.16 or .79 cents each!

I did this yesterday also when I ran in there in the morning for milk and stocked up on Cheerios (with added coupons as well for those!)

I just don't want anyone thinking I feed my kids junk cereal only! 

American Beauty pasta is .50 cents a bag 
(Cheap!  Usually the lowest pasta goes is .88 cents!)

The apple juice was marked down from $2.99 each to .99 cents a bottle  I don't let my kids drink juice a lot but this is great to have on hand for a special breakfast once in a while.

I picked up a few other odds and ends - total came to $66
After sales and coupons I paid OOP $24.44
Savings of 65%!  Not bad!  

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