Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick Freezer Cooking

My fridge and freezer were getting a tad overloaded from recent shopping trips.  I decided to take an hour this morning and make a few quick meals out of things.  
Three small servings of chicken enchiladas.  I only put four in each Pyrex since the minis don't like these.  Dan and I love them so it's enough for our dinner and lunch the next day also.
I made some quick meatballs to freeze and then realized I should just serve them tonight.  All I need is to cook some noodles and heat some soup in the microwave.  Add a green salad and it's an easy dinner!
I love doing freezer meals - I've found I save a lot of money by spending an hour here and there and then meals are ready to go on nights I don't feel like cooking.  (These are the nights we would've gone out to eat!)
I've got a few freezer recipes over HERE but I am working on trying a few new ones out when the boys are back in school in two more weeks. 

Do you freezer cook?

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