Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eat From the Pantry Challenge!

Last year I decided to cut some money on our grocery budget for the month of January.  I've been sort of a slacker the past few weeks in planning meals.  But I have been pretty good about using my coupons so my pantries and freezers are fairly full.
 The point is to avoid going grocery shopping as much as possible.  I have a family of five, so of COURSE I will still be going...for things like eggs, milk, fruits and veggies. 
It is a pretty good idea to rotate through your January is our "rotate" month!  
Plus I like the idea of extra money in my pocket!

So here are my goals for the Eat From The Pantry Challenge: 

  Only buy dairy (milk, eggs, cheese, etc.) and produce (fruits/vegetables).

Spend a total of $150 or less on groceries during the month of January.  About $35 a week is the goal. 

Put the leftover money from our grocery budget towards our 2012 Disney Vacation! 
I'd love for anyone to join me in this!  I will be posting updates every Friday on how I've done!


  1. order to join you, I first need a stockpile! You are one organized lady!

  2. wow wish i had a stockpile that big!