Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Or how about just the chicken?
I was running LOW folks!  Almost completely OUT!

Thankfully my friend Emily filled me in on the deals:

Macey's has #20 boxes for $1.28
(if you live close and can fight a crowd this is an amazing deal - please double check before you drive out there....I don't want anyone mad at me)
Fresh Market has #10 boxes for $1.49
Peterson's has #10 boxes for $1.49

I was right in the area so I just picked up three boxes at Peterson's, at $14.90 a box.

I've got my crock pots going to get my freezer full of pre-cooked chicken for some easy meal making in the next few months!

If you've never done this before it's EASY!!  I'll post a how to....

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