Saturday, February 5, 2011

Price Matching

I love it when the WinCo ads come in the mail.  They always have such great coupons!  
My only problem is I never get over to WinCo to use them!  This week had some great coupons so I took them to Wal-Mart to do some price matching.  
It's SO easy!
Santitas chips normally $2.00  per bag = .78 cents
Saltine crackers = .78 cents
3 lbs chicken breasts normally $6.98 = $3.98
TP normally $5.98 = $3.98
Bertolini = .98 cents 
Bar S bacon = normally  $3.76 = .98 cents each 

I have a few more but I had to leave to get Graham from school....going back to use those.  Wal-Mart is great about price matching these deals if you have the coupons and don't go over the limit number.  I was really pleased with the savings though!

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