Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Garage Sale Stories - A Slow Start

The boys were off camping, so Lauren and I went off to see what treasures we could find.  For some reason, with kids, that means crap.  I HATE the little things that Lauren picks up (2" glass unicorns, raggedy dolls, etc) so it's always a little slower to go when I am having to look at things she picks up and then constantly tell her no.  

She did find a really fun Barbie bedroom set that I said yes to, I am nice sometimes.  
 This was it.  Our entire haul.  Pathetic.  The dog door and the Jansport backpack were free at a sale where the guy was really just cleaning out his garage.  I'm thinking I can get about $40-50 for the dog door and the backpack is ripped, so I am sending that into Jansport for repairs. 
 I was frustrated after hitting all of three sales and dead ends, so we stopped by a thrift store.  I found a Paul & Shark NWT polo for $5.  FIVE!!!  I was so excited...these are really high end from Italy and do well.  Let's hope mine does well also!

This little guy was a darling jointed bear with a signed foot, so I picked him up for $1.  Still need to list him but he is a Canturbury Bear?  Hoping he might be worth something.

 There is a new CVS by us and I've never been in one.  Lauren and I stopped by to sign up for a card, I know a ton of people save big bucks shopping there but I'm not sure how.  The prices were sky high.  They did give us a fun goodie bag full of samples which was fun.  We picked out some new lip gloss and headed home somewhat defeated. 

I have had a great selling week - I just found these yesterday and listed them last night.  They look almost brand new!

I am in LOVE with this dress, I think the pattern is just gorgeous, all the roses and vintage feel to it.  Sadly, I am not a size 8 or it would be in my closet right now.

Hoping the weather continues to improve so I can go to more than 3 sales!  Maybe at least 8 next weekend?
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  1. Nice sales! Yes, whenever I have my daughter with me, she wants me to buy as much for her as I do for the ebay store. I say no to most things, but she usually ends up with a few new treasures :)

    1. We have certainly come home with our fair share of junk, er, I mean treasures! :)

  2. Cool finds and great pictures--nice work!