Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm Back!

Trying this again, it's been awhile but life without a kitchen over the holidays was enough to send this girl over the edge!  We've finally finished 95% of our project, have had 2 birthdays, Valentines Day and the stomach bug for all five of us.  Good times.

It was a slower January for me but thank goodness February and March picked up with sales, granite counter tops are not cheap!  Here are some fun things that I've sold recently in my store..
Found this awesome vintage Caboodles, it was huge.  It also makes me feel old when things I remember using in jr. high are called vintage.  Ouch!  I picked this up for $3.50 and sold it within 3 days for $40.00 I might have been able to hold out for more but right now I'm in the mood for quick flips.  I'd rather have things sold and gone than sitting for months on end.  
Like this Diana Von Furstenberg dress that had been sitting in my laundry room since LAST summer!  I was too lazy to iron it.  I finally did and it sold within 24 hours for $62.50  I purchased it for $5 (I think?  It had been so long I forgot!  I know it was a steal though)
I belong to a few Facebook ebay groups and saw one talking about Ryen Spooner shirts.  I about died when I found this awful looking thing for $4.  I listed this right away and threw up the listing for $79.99 or best offer.  I was hoping for at least $40 for it.  You can imagine the happy dance I was doing around the room when I found that it had sold a week later for full price!

People who purchase full price and ignore the best offer option are my FAVORITE!  
Now I am gearing up for taxes...the worst part about this little job I love.  I know she doesn't actively blog anymore but I still reference The Resale Thrifter every tax time.  She has a great series on what to do if it is new to you and could use some help!
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  1. Great flips! You should post before and after pics of your kitchen. We're planning to do a kitchen remodel some time this year. I could use some inspiration.

    1. I'm planning on it! Still trying to get hubby to finish the under cabinet lighting and get his tools out! :)

  2. I *LOVE* best offer ignorers too!!! Congrats on getting through a new kitchen :D