Sunday, March 30, 2014

Garage Sale Stories- Snooooze

What a train wreck I had this weekend.  The older boys were going to a Boy Scout Merit Badge Pow Wow so I was looking forward to spending the morning out with Greg and Lauren.  

Not so fast...her tummy hurt.  

I told her we would stay close to home and we drove by one place to only see tools and hunting gear.  Not my thing. 

Her tummy hurt more.  

Bleh...grandma to the rescue.  I dropped Lauren off so she could snuggle and watch cartoons with grandma and grandpa.  Then I felt super rushed because you just can't leave your sick baby girl with your parents for hours on end.  

Greg and I hit 3 more sales, he found some BeyBlades and I stumbled across a fundraiser sale where I sped shopped while Greg played his DS in the car.
This is about half my pile that I picked up for $35.  I ended up with 50 items, so it came to .70 cents a piece.  I have several winter coats, dresses, costumes, sweaters.  Most all of it is Old Navy, Gymbo and Carters. 

Last summer I would have left everything there, since there was nothing at that sale in my kids size.  

But this last month I went to the JBF Consignment sale and was baffled at all the so-so clothes people were grabbing up.  

They were loading their carts FULL of clothes I wouldn't dream of dressing my kids in.  
(I'm a little snobby though, so that needs to be considered.)

I realized that I come across awesome kids clothing all the time and just leave it since it's not in my kids size.  So I am jumping into the consignment sale arena and stocking up on items to sell at the next big sale here in August. 
 I think I have a good eye for it so we will see how I do!


  1. I bet you will do awesome with JBF. You definitely have an eye for it. It sounds like it must be a well-established sale in your area. It's new in my area and nothing like the frenzy I read about in other places. Our JBF sale is next weekend. I am not selling this time, but I will head over there to see if I can find any treasures.

  2. I hope I do okay, consignment sales are sort of a new thing here in Utah. Usually people have so many kids they just keep stuff or they give them to family members. There isn't a frenzy by any means, I'm just hoping to get in while it's starting to make a nice paycheck during what is almost always a slow sale month online for me!