Thursday, February 4, 2010

$3.00 Wal-Mart Dresses

I had to buzz into my Wal-Mart this afternoon. 
(What is the lesser evil of this sentence, that I am A) Buzzing somewhere or B) calling a Wal-Mart of any sort "MINE")
Anyhow...I noticed in November that they had cute little girl dresses.   $18.00.  Not a bad price for a cute dress, right?  And then in January they were $9.00.  
Tempting but eh...I am cheap these days and with a weakness for dresses...LuLu has WAY too many.  She did NOT need another dress.

But how could I pass up this?
I got it in a 4T and figure if it doesn't fit her around Christmastime then that plaid sash is being ripped right off and being replaced with a hot pink somethingorother and a big hot pink flower with it.  
They still had a lot left on the racks..might be worth a quick trip to have a look! 

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