Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wal-Mart Price Match-Ups!

I did some quick price matching on my shopping trip to Wal-Mart this afternoon.

The key for me to do this and not feel like I am going to throw up with nerves is by picking the nicest looking checker.  I don't mean this in a beauty contest sort of way, but more in a "Who will be the nicest to me?" sort of way.
 I have no idea who this girl is, but see what I mean?  She looks nice.  Patient.  She will coo at my daughter and when I tell her I have coupons she says things like "I do that too!  That is SO great!"
Totally pushing my luck but you know what I mean.

I had printed out a TON of coupons from here last night and had a few clipped from my binder as when combining that with store flyers, it can start to feel confusing if you are fairly new to couponing.  
(I'm still a novice, for only doing this about 6 months now!)

Was it worth it?  You decide...

6 Tubes Colgate toothpaste
Wal-Mart Price: 97 cents
I paid: 88 cents

6 loaves Grandma Sycamore Bread
Wal-Mart Price: $2.00
I paid: $1.66 

6 packages baby wipes
Wal-Mart Price: $1.97
I paid: 88 cents

10 boxes 16 oz asst Barilla Pasta
Wal-Mart Price: $1.37
I paid: 88 cents

So just by bringing in another stores flyer, I was able to stock up on a few items I needed and for our food storage.  With little effort I had about a 35% savings!  
I'll take it!

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