Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Target Valentine's Sale

Target has all of their Valentine items for 50% today! 
I saw a lot of darling things, but stuck to just a few..sales don't save you anything if you are constantly buying things you don't even need!

I got the boys their class Valentine's for next year - $1.39 a box.  I buy these ahead for the price and for the fact that February is crazy at our house.  The boys write their Valentine's out in January, I bag them up and then they are ready to grab the morning of their class party. 
Zero stress = fun mom and happy kids.
Cute tissue paper - $1.00 per bunch. 
Fun shirt for LuLu - might be a tad too big next February but for $2.99 she can wear it anytime I think!

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  1. This is the sale I always just miss at Target! Wish I could get there in time!