Thursday, February 25, 2010

If You Haven't Already...

Since we are already in the party mood at our house...

It's the 2nd birthday of Swagbucks TODAY!! If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, today is the perfect day to sign up to become a Swagbucks member!!

If you are already a Swagbucks member, you'll notice that beginning today, the Swag Bucks in your account have been multiplied by 10; for example, if you had 20 swag bucks in your account, you will now have 200 Swag bucks. I sort of freaked out when I first saw that but there is info about the change here.

It used to be, on any other day, new members of Swagbucks would earn 3 Swag bucks upon registration, but today new members will earn 30 Swag bucks!! 
For all of you that are already members of Swagbucks, there are plenty of other chances to earn!! Throughout the day, Swagbucks will be doing Swag Code giveaways on their blog, twitter, facebook page, and just for searching the web through Swagbucks!

This is my #1 way to pay for Christmas this's SO nice to have it NOT come out of our if you have been tempted to sign up before, you will for SURE want to look into it now!

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