Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garage Sale Stories - Uh Oh

I received some very upsetting news yesterday that my main source for clothing is now changing price policies.  
 I don't have a lot of choices where I live of places to go and get inventory.
So it's either I start paying more or I REALLY need to hit some yard sales hard in the next few weeks before the cold weather kicks in.  

I didn't go at all this past weekend because we took these three sillies to St. George for the weekend.
 We mostly swam and checked out some ghost towns and dinosaur museums.  And swam some more.  It was great to get out of town, even if it was only for two nights.
 I came back to a few good sales which at least paid for one of the nights away!

Trying to list some of the random things from my pile.  I will go shopping and get excited about a few select items and get those online.  Then the rif raf sits in a bag until a non-shopping week.  Because khaki pants are just not fun to list.  Unlike something like this, which IS fun to list....especially with a good profit margin!
 J. Crew Heidi Dress - sold out online size 10
Also sold out online

I would love to hear, if you sell clothing, how much you pay per item.  I'm wondering if maybe I just became spoiled and the prices I paid were not the norm?


  1. Oh no, Kristen! So sorry to hear this for you. I tend to stay away from clothing just because it is so expensive to buy. Our local Goodwill sells TSHIRTS for $4.99 and up! There are probably deals to be had at yard sales but the time it takes to look through a bunch of (mostly) junk on someone's yard just isn't appealing to me. Hope you find a new source!


  2. I buy most of my clothes to resell at yard sales and dont pay more than $1. I'll pay more if I know it is a high ticket item but never more than $5. At thrift stores I wont pay more than $5 for any piece of clothing to resell! I'm cheap!

  3. Ha. The sad truth is, I have more than one bag with "rif raf" in it waiting under my computer desk. About once a month I get a burst of motivation to get it all tidied up, listed, and put away.

  4. Most of my clothing purchases are around $1-$2. Jackets are about $4-9. I have been experimenting more with outerwear since we live in a warm climate and it seems people don't purge before they move here. I'm hoping for a nice flip on a Columbia jacket ($5) and just today, I picked up a 'take a chance' women's coat - even though it's a Target brand, it's got a huge fuzzy collar, etc.
    @Kari - you're not alone in the 'rif raf' challenge. :(

    What is your price scale going to change to?

  5. My GW prices are reasonable. $3 tops, shorts, skirts. $4.50 for dresses. $4 for jeans and jackets coats start at $4. Children's clothing $2, infant $1. But I buy it, and then I store it... I hate listing clothing. I'm such a dork.

  6. We pay 75 cents for the majority of our items, but will spend more if the Terapeak research shows high demand and high ending prices. Normally we like to sell for a minimum of 10 times my purchase price, but am quite happy when it's more, which is often. At least 5 times a week we sell a 75 cent dress for $39.99. I think some people have more money than sense, bless their heart.

  7. I have been looking for a resell site and FINALLY after, 3 days of looking found yours! Yay! I found a very nice LOCAL thrift store that has 99 cent day. And yes, yes I go nuts. But I don't find things to sell for $100, usually just for $12-20. But I'm still happy with that! Looking forward to everything I will learn from your site!

  8. I hope you do great with it! Good luck!

  9. I used to shop at our GW, but our prices are $3.99 for shirts, $6.99 for jackets and between 4-9 for shoes. I still pick up clothes that are new with tags...if it's a good brand, it's still worth it. I find that Salvation Army is MUCH better for clothes. But I don't go there very much as it's further away from me. I just went to two Salvation Army stores yesterday as i was Garage Saling (definitely the best for inventory). I spend $70 and bought tons of brand name clothes for my sons for the fall and quite a bit of inventory as well. Love SA.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else