Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Researching Your Items

 It's always worth a few minutes of researching your items online to find out more about different or unusual items you pick up.  Most often the name rings a bell or you can just tell an item is special from the way it's made.  
I would hate to rush into listing something, put a price tag of $15 on it when it might be worth 10 times that!
Not that I've ever done that (cough cough)

Some recent finds:
This is from the line Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles, has.  Actually, I believe they have three lines right now.  House of Dereon, Dereon and now Sasha Fierce where they sell hoochy mama clothes for tween girls.  Because every 13 year old needs oversized sunglasses, studded heeled shoes and large metal chain necklaces.  

(Lauren is never growing up....I forbid it)

This is sort of a random brand I had never heard of until last year, that I now always buy - TravelSmith.

TravelSmith packs really well and are made for those international jet setters.  Which used to be me until I had kids.  Maybe again someday?
Let's go ahead and answer that with:
"Sure!  Of course!  Those kids can pay their own way through college so you can retire and travel the world!"

One of my favorite finds lately has been this garage sale $1.00 gem....

How could I leave that ruffled neck and puffer sleeves behind?  I think this coat is darling but I had no clue about the brand until I came home and did a little hunting online.  
 Hoping this might fund at least the one way ticket somewhere?

Have you ever picked up an item "just because" only to find it was a hidden gem?

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