Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quick Sale!

I just purchased this Ann Taylor Loft Skirt on Monday and sold it today for $25.00 plus shipping.  
I love it when a quick sale can pay for an entire shopping trip!  
All the other 20 something items from that trip will now be pure profit!
(Which is good - I have to start paying Lauren's world most expensive preschool tuition next month!)


  1. I love when that happens! I just woke up to a sale of a bear that I bought for $3 (whole trip I spent $12 as I had a half price coupon) and sold the thing for $39.99 w/ free ship. And I just listed him last night! Cha-Ching!

  2. Did you already sell that smokey the bear doll? b/c I want it! I love him!


  3. Yep, love that feeling when you KNOW one item from the shopping trip will pay for everything else in the cart!! WAY TO GO! I swear, Ebay is the EASIEST money I've ever made - and I don't feel I work very hard at it!! :-)